NCR Payments Solution for Retail

NCR Payment Solutions provides retailers with enhanced control over payments, reduced liability, greater flexibility in improving shopper experience, and the ability to accept new payment types as they emerge. Our solutions are highly reliable, with redundancy built in at many levels. Plus, system health monitoring and alerting help assure continuous online availability.

Payment innovation readiness

NCR Payment Solutions includes a payment gateway and payment processing that supports innovation through adaptive architecture, enabling retailers to rapidly embrace new payment types and improve customer experience.

Freedom of choice

Our payment solutions offer a complete POS platform, PIN pad provider and credit card gateway, offering merchants flexibility to choose the options that best support their business.

Secure payment transactions

Our payment solutions use point-to-point encryption and tokenization to ensure all cardholder data is protected within the PIN pad and the information is only decrypted after it safely arrives at electronic payment datacenters. The same secure flow applies to online transactions as well.

Maintain compliance with regulations

NCR Payment Solutions help merchants maintain continuous compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). With built-in P2P encryption, NCR Payment Solutions helps organizations adhere to the PCI standard. It also features flexible EMV deployment and native support for all state-specific eWIC requirements.



Grocery retailers have never been under more pressure to meet shopper demands and stay ahead of competition, but legacy POS systems too often just can’t keep up. Today’s shoppers are less loyal, and since they have many new choices in how to purchase food, traditional grocers must provide engaging and hassle-free shopping experiences inside the stores to keep their customers coming back.

ENCOR helps grocers achieve this, with a modern POS solution that delivers more than point-of-sale — it’s a complete platform of service.

NCR Connected Payments

Provides secure electronic payments gateway to all leading supermarket-industry multi-lane processors, including on-line eWIC processing. Also enables Signature Capture, Electronic Check Conversion, Electronic “Card Mall” authorizations.

NCR FastLane Self-Checkout

A virtual requirement for today’s independent and regional grocers to improve shopper service options and compete effectively against the largest chains.

NCR Loyalty Pro and Connected Loyalty

An omni-commerce customer and loyalty management solution with sophisticated promotions and customer-specific offers.

ENCOR Fuel Option

Helps grocery-fuel retailers manage pay-at-pump, grocery+fuel sales, and special pricing such as cents-off fuel promotions that drive “inside” sales.


Provides queue-busting, remote manager POS exception authorization, management dashboard, remote cashier monitoring, plus auditing and shelf-management capability.

Interfaces and integration

ENCOR provides existing support for virtually every popular merchandising or management application in the supermarket industry needing integration with the POS system.

ENCOR “Standard” for stores with 1 – 100+ checkout lanes
ENCOR “Express” special packages for small stores with 1-5 checkout lanes

ENCOR is certified with many NCR POS terminals, with minimum requirements enabling POSReady 7 or Windows10 IoT operation with at least 40GB RAM. Controllers and Workstations must run Windows 7 Professional, Windows 10 Professional or Windows Server 2012 or above, with at least 120GB RAM.

ENCOR application can run stand-alone without external network. Internal network within system components uses standard Ethernet TCP/IP topology.

Screen compatibility: Standard 4:3, Touchscreen Enabled

Operating system compatibility: Windows® Embedded POSReady 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Value, Windows® 10 IoT 64bit, Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008 R2

Multiple options are available for:
– Custom SQL Table and Extract generation
– On-Line and Smart-Card electronic WIC
– Solidcore (embedded white-listing security)
– Electronic Payments capabilities (ECC, Signature Capture etc.)
– Popular merchandising applications (such as Catalina, VRMS and AppCard)
– LaneHawk security system
– CCTV internal video security

All implementation, installation and ongoing Level 1 and Level 2 support provided by ENCOR-Authorized NCR Channel Partners

NCR XR6, XR8, XR8c and XR7-Plus Terminals
NCR 7169 Printers
NCR XL-Series Displays